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Tinnitus - Disturbing ear noises

Tinnitus are disturbing ear noises, which are often a great burden for the affected people. The perceived ear noises are subjectively very different and range from a buzzing and ringing to whistle-like sounds. It can be heard in one or both ears. These symptoms are sometimes temporary, but many people suffer permanently from chronic tinnitus.

The sounds are different, for some people these noises are so extreme that they can be a great burden and mean a real torment. The quality of life is considerably impaired by concentration and sleep disturbances. 

Studies have shown that up to almost a quarter of the population has ever suffered from disturbing ear noise. The likelihood of suffering from tinnitus also depends on the age, from 45 years, it occurs more often.

Treatment with soft laser
Treatment with the TinniTool / EarLaser is completely safe and painless. The laser beam penetrates even deeper subcutaneous layers and acts as a beneficial biostimulation directly on the metabolism in the connective tissue. This leads to the rapid regeneration of the auditory cells, to the stimulation of the immune system, to an acceleration of cell division and to the activation of certain defense molecules.

What are we going to do?

You register with us for a tinnitus check-up. Then you will receive the diagnosis with a treatment concept tailored to your needs. Upon request, we will then start with the first treatment series. Plan at least one ½ hour for the first visit.

Depending on the diagnosis, the therapy lasts about 3-6 months. Once or twice a week you come to the therapeutic follow-up / treatment in the practice. As a treatment extension, we offer you the opportunity, through an application with the soft laser, to continue the therapy every day at home. The tinnitus treatment is only effective if the application is carried out regularly and consistently. The goal of this type of procedure is to integrate the treatment in your usual daily routine, without having to change it significantly.

Depending on the diagnosis, treatment costs amount to CHF 90.00 per treatment, total costs for pure laser treatment between CHF 400.00 - 600.00 (without rental equipment for follow-up treatment). The measures consist of various treatments in practice and a treatment plan for self-treatment at home. The therapy plan can consist of various procedural instructions, daily exercises and applications. For this you will receive the necessary equipment and purely herbal medicines home. Please clarify the reimbursement in advance with your health insurance.

The initial findings, tests and exercises provide a detailed analysis of the origin of your tinnitus. Procedures are considered such as: neurostimulation, soft laser, acupuncture, sound therapy, masking, pharm. Nutrient concept, autogenic training, stress management, body status, tinnitus retraining therapy and various other individual therapies. If necessary, additional specialists are called in, such as doctors, ENT doctors, psychologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, dentists and others.

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Disturbing ear noises

Disturbing ear noises