Golf Physio therapy / Golf Physio trainer

Our holistic sports medical concepts for the assistance and training of golfers

Reach success with healthier swings

A golf swing is based on a complex sequence of movements, whiich not only requires good mental preparation but also an optimally coordinated synergy of the whole locomotor system. Reach success with healthy swings and improve your handicap onto a new level.

It is every golfer’s dream to continue playing constantly, precisley and painless even at an advanced age. For this purpose, a consistent swing that is easy on the joints and muscles is of essential meaning. Pain in the cervical vertebra, in the back or in the joints of the shoulders, elbows, thumbs or knees obstruct free swings. Pain represents an unexpected handicap which cannot be compensated even by the best equipment.

Therefore, every golfer should strive to improve his or her her individual physical condition. What comes first to personalized treatment is an osteopathical diagnosis and therapy procedure.

It is helpful to examine the body for restricting malpositions and dysfunctions (blockades) and to correct them. To prevent dysfunctions it is necessary that the body adopts optimal balance between mobility and stability. Regular exercise with training tools, endurance sports and osteopathical techniques help to succeed.

With my knowledge as a trained golf osteopath and golf physio trainertrainer I look forward to supporting you in optimizing the functionality of your movement sequences.

Targeted treatment of pain syndromes, such as those in connection with golfer’s elbow, knee problems and tensions in the shoulders and neck area will not only affect your movements at the golf course. With the aid of golf osteopathy, relations of these symptoms in general can be recognised and treated as well. The diagnosis’ profundity and accuracy is what makes osteopathy so special.

Therapies/ range of application

  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Tensions
  • Shoulder pain
  • Foot ache (heel spur, plantar fasciitis)
  • Tendinitis (e.g. acromial bursa)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and carpus afflictions
  • Posture, movements and progression of movements
  • Elbow afflictions (e.g. golfer’s or tennis elbow)
  • Neck problems, back pain and herniated discs
  • Support of natural, bodily sequences of movements
  • Enhancement of vital capacity and physical performance
  • Hip condition (Bursa trochanterica, iliotibial band syndrome)
  • Knee problems (supra- and infrapatellar syndrom, patella, meniscus)
  • Organic afflictions (e.g. obstipation, bladder descensus, inflammation of the bladder)
  • Acute and chronic afflictions of the locomotor system (e.g. spine, muscles, joints)

Suggestions for therapeutic measures

  • Gyrotonic®
  • Massages
  • Ice/fango
  • Ultrasound
  • Osteopathy
  • Dorn therapy
  • Medical taping
  • Electrotherapeutics
  • Fascial Therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Medical exercise therapy

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