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Backache is a widespread disease. The symptoms may vary; the pain can spread even to the legs. Sensory loss and signs of paralysis always act as alarm.

We distinguish between the various reasons: physical inactivity, overweight and false posture are risk factors of backache. In rarer cases, back pain is a symptom of a primary disease.

Tennis Elbow

This kind of tendinits is caused by overusing the forearm muscles. Not only does it concern tennis players (or players of other sports exerted with rackets) but also persons who use keyboards and computer mouses one-sidedly. The tissues are affected by the strain and become inflamed, which can lead to changes in the tissues.

Knee Pain

Athletes often suffer from problems of the patella, patellar ligaments, meniscus, crucial ligaments and the knee joint itself. Increased strain and irritation can lead to inflammations. We distinguish between acute knee pain, which occurs all of a sudden, and chronic knee pain, which extends over a period of time. Frequent reasons for knee pain are ligament ruptures, meniscus injuries, bursitis or arthrosis in the knee.

Foot Ache

Sprained ligaments are the most common sports injury. They occur when twisting one’s ankle.Too heavy strain can even cause the ligaments to rupture.

Although sprained ligaments can be very painful, they are only a slight form of ligament injury and constitute a prestage to ligament rupture. In contrast to the latter, the tissue is only lightly damaged so that the joints remain stable.
Typical signs for sprained ligaments are:

- Pain during movement
- Loss of strength
- Swelling of the joint affected

Shin Splint Syndrome

Overstrain of the musculature can lead to the shin splint syndrome. What is characteristic is pain in the area above and behind the inner malleous. The latter is put under increased mechanical stress which can lead to tendinitis and degeneration/ wear of the tendon – local swellings may be visible. The syndrome is common in athletes who have to do sprinting or jumping (athletics), false techniques of treading or wrong shoes can be the reason for it. It is considered advisable to avoid false postures and overweight to prevent the bones from unnecessary stress.

Sports Injuries

Back pain

Sports Injuries

Tennis elbow

Sports Injuries

Knee pain

Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Shin splint syndrome