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Faszien Fitness mit Blackroll Therapie


The training with the BLACKROLL® has long been established in the field of functional fitness and in manual therapy. BLACKROLL® allows people of all ages and athletic performance levels to improve their personal flexibility, mobility and strength with simple exercises. It's time to discover the benefits of Self Myofascial Techniques (SMT).


Self Massage
Ideal as a supplement or as a replacement for a massage with the therapist. The BLACKROLL® products are inexpensive, can be used at any time and are extremely durable.

Release tension
Detect tension and solve it yourself by using the BLACKROLL® products daily. Remember to roll more often (1 to 2 minutes a day, several times a day) instead of just once a week for that.

Stimulate connective tissue 
Thanks to the BLACKROLL® products, you can almost always and everywhere independently unroll your fascia and connective tissue and thereby promote the elasticity of these structures.


By rolling fast on the BLACKROLL® products, you increase circulation in the unrolled areas, which results in greater flexibility without lowering the tone in the muscles.


Health conscious
The care of the muscles and the connective tissue is as important for a healthy life as enough exercise and a balanced diet. Anyone who maintains his musculoskeletal system remains mobile and independent. This also reduces the risk of injury in sports and everyday life and especially prevents back problems.

Beginners as well as professionals value the individual application possibilities of BLACKROLL® products. Through this he can always and everywhere promote the regeneration, optimize the warm-up or intervene therapeutically and solve by the self-massage hardening and tension.

In particular, in the rehabilitation after injuries and operations, when it comes to healing and healing scar tissue, to regain mobility and mobility and to relieve tension, BLACKROLL® products are faithful companions.

Therapies / Application

    • migraine
    • arthrosis
    • a headache
    • jaw discomfort
    • tension
    • neck tension
    • shoulder pain
    • arm discomfort
    • Hand and finger pain
    • Tennis / golfer's arm
    • Muscle complaints (acute / chronic)
    • Fascial complaints
    • Connective tissue disorders
    • Musculoskeletal pain
    • Pain (acute / chronic)
    • back pain
    • blockages
    • hoof
    • knee problems
    • Achilodynie
    • foot problems
    • Plantar conclusions
    • Ligament and tendon problem
Blackroll Therapy

Blackroll Therapy

Fascia Fitness

Fascia Fitness

Release tensions

Release tensions