Nordic Walking Therapy NWT

Nordic Walking is carried out with the help of two poles. These are used pointedly to support the diagonal motion sequence as performed in walking. Nordic Walking is ranked among endurance sports and thus has positive effects on various areas of the body.

Additionally, the usage of poles affects the upper body and arms and helps to train coordination between the arms and legs.

Target groups

Equal to the sport of walking, Nordic Walking is suitable for everyone and can be exerted even by persons who are untrained, overweight or elderly.

Even rehabilitation patients suffering from sports injuries can benefit from Nordic Walking. Those who feel unchallenged by walking but overchallenged by jogging will find an alternative in Nordic Walking.

Risks and chances

As the use of poles can cause stress on the elbows and shoulders, acquiring the correct techniques of Nordic Walking is essential.

In order to make use of the positive effects on muscles and walking pace, the coordination of the movement of the arms and legs is of further importance and has to be learned correctly.

Therapies/application areas

  • Strengthening of the trunk musculature
  • Enhancement of aerobic endurance
  • Improvement of cardiovascular output
  • Easy to learn and suitable for everybody
  • Feeling of security due to use of poles
Nordic Walking Therapie NWT
Nordic Walking Therapie NWT
Nordic Walking Therapie NWT
Nordic Walking Therapie NWT